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Graeme Buckley, Richard Bates and Peter Roberson won the 100th Richmond Rapidplay             All future Richmond Rapidplays will be organised by the Chevannes Chess Academy.

122 played in the 100th Richmond Rapidplay held on 11 March and prizes totalling 750 were awarded for the following results:

1st=: Graeme Buckley, Peter Roberson and Richard Bates 5/6
U190 Grading Prize: Raghu Kamath and Dale Taylor 3.5/6
Major (U170)
1st: Rajasekhar Pentakota 5/6
2nd=: Victor Boy-Lazoni and Christopher Kreuzer 4.5/6
U150 Grading Prize: Ian Deswarte 4/6;
Intermediate (U135)
1st: Mark Wieder 5.5/6
2nd: Frank Burnham 5/6
3rd=: David Grange, Graham Cole, Peter Morton and Max French 4/6
U115 Grading Prize: Daniel Varney 4/6
Minor (U100)
1st: Yousuf Bin-Suhayl 5.5/6
2nd=: Felix Turner and Joe Benton 5/6;
4th=: Devdoot Barman, Reuben Balouka-Myers and Joanitah Butindo 4.5/6;
U80 Grading Prize: Haolin Zhao and Iyesaa Bin-Suhayl 4/6;

The crosstables for the 100th Richmond Rapidplay are now available here.

Thanks to Richard James for his help during the event.